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We are only interested in one thing. How can our ideas make a genuinely meaningful contribution to our clients’ business success?
To do that we put strategy at the very heart of everything we do.
We have a unique integrated planning approach. It means having a planning team on your account – a communications planner and a strategic planner enabling integration to occur early - at a deep strategic level and not just later at the superficial level of execution.
We always draw a direct line between the work and what we’re trying to achieve. Our focus on outcomes means that we select both message and media based on one criteria only: Will it work?



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Founder  Daniela Dagnino  





 In 2014 Daniela founded Stra7egic Communications as a creative, tenacious and results-driven communications agency. She takes ultimate responsibility for all client relationships. Known for her creativity and lateral thinking, Daniela offers particular expertise in strategic communications, exclusive events for private banking and investor communications. Beyond Stra7egic Communications, Daniela is founder and Director of Allergia the Italian no profit Association of research for children Asthma and Allergy


Via Fontana 8

6900 Switzerland


Via Tortona, 37

20144, Italy


+39 02 45498210