Corporate social responsibility

Increasingly, stakeholders expect companies to go beyond the essentials of responsible and ethical action by making a positive contribution to society, the environment and the local community.

Corporate philanthropy is just one aspect of corporate social responsibility: CSR strategies can also serve to manage risk – by protecting against adverse regulatory action – and to add value, leading to greater profitability in the longer term.

Stra7egic Communications has extensive experience of devising and implementing CSR programmes on both a strategic and operational level, and of designing, producing and disseminating CSR reports supporting social responsibility investments.


Companies are expected to act responsibly and ethically in their relationships with customers, for instance by ensuring high standards of customer service, an inclusive policy on equal pay, age, and disability, an ethical approach to marketing and a sensitivity to the needs of local customers and businesses.

Stra7egic’s CSR experts work with clients to formulate CSR strategies that achieve corporate goals, and which are integrated into the wider communications strategy to reinforce positive perceptions of the client in society and in the market.


CSR in the community is centered on positive interaction through volunteering, charitable work, and through the creation of foundations and endowments to support local initiatives.

Our senior team will help companies design and implement their community initiatives, always ensuring that they can be productively integrated into wider communications programmes.

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